This is the Most Delicious Rice Bowl with Indonesian Taste Curated by Sbobet Players

Rice is among Indonesian food. There are also various kinds of serving techniques, starting from the plate, box, and which is very popular now is a bowl or bowl. White rice with a variety of side dishes in a minimalist plastic bowl is a practical menu that is contemporary and increasingly not a bit popular. A simple dish like rice bowl are highly favor by online gaming players, when you cannot pause games when you are playing, automatically your hand need to be ready in keyboard and mouse. So a simple dish is a must when you want to eat while playing online gambling games, or when you register to daftar agen sbobet terpercaya that gives all England football tournament from league two to English Premier League.

Want to know where you can try it? Here it is, the complete list makes you.

Nona Judes

This Prilly Latuconsina diner also has a rice bowl package menu equivalent to Rp. 25,000 – with a variety of unique side dishes. One of the best sellers and you must taste a rice bowl filled with white rice, kecombrang squid, and Mustafa potatoes. The portions are just right, and the squid is cooked to the perfect maturity thoroughly with its fresh and spicy chili seasoning. So even with crispy and tasty potatoes. Suitable for your lunch menu.


Seeing the name, of course you know, what are the peculiarities of the rice bowl menus here? Yup, a portion of white rice with side dishes complete with fresh chili sauce priced from Rp. 30,000 to Rp. 35,000. You can choose whether you want it to be paired with chicken, Dori, squid, or lungs. The name is chili sauce, so you are free to choose the level of spiciness that matches your tastes from 1-5. Practical and delicious!

Ayam Jerit

Again, this modern culinary innovation comes from Titi Kamal’s outlet. There are three rice bowl menus with special side dishes that are ready for you to eat like green chili squid, cakalang scream, and chicken scream. A portion is priced at an affordable price, which is only Rp. 25,000. You can enjoy warm white rice with a side dish with a choice of colorful stir-fried vegetables and fresh cucumber that creates an increasingly beautiful appearance. The portions are just right and practical, suitable for lunch on the road.

Dapur Asix

This 24-hour open place is a direct hit because it has 18 rice bowls. Uniquely, the menus here bring home-cooked Indonesian specialties that really fit on the tongue. There was a lung lung, green chili tongue, jengkol balado, grandmother’s bitter melon, anchovy beans, and cake pete. In addition to rice and side dishes that are changed with the best recipe, in one serving bowl is also equipped with eggs, cucumber eyes, and chili sauce. About the price, of course, fits in the bag, which starts from Rp. 22,000 up to Rp. 35,000.

Rice Bowl ToeWans

The latest innovation from the familiar pepper rice shop is the rice bowl toe wans. The menu is also very diverse, ranging from baby fish chili green, green chili chicken, savory, spicy fried chicken skin, and stir-fried beef tongue. It looks so beautiful and delicious because each serving bowl is equipped with boiled eggs and a vegetable salad consisting of lettuce, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, and sweet corn thoroughly with mayonnaise.

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