These are The 4 Most Popular Franchises in The United States, Can Asia Follow It?

The franchise partnership business has attracted not a few entrepreneurs, especially all young entrepreneurs who want to open a business but do not have experience in building a stable business. In not a few countries, the franchise business has overgrown, belonging to the United States, which is one of the warehouses of the world franchise.

Franchisees, both in the form of large companies and small companies continue to grow from year to year. And of the few franchises in the United States, four franchise options are not in the least attractive to all beginner business people. What are the most popular franchises in the land of Uncle Sam? This is the description.

7-Eleven Inc. Franchise

For Indonesian people who live in urban areas, the brand of Seven Eleven may not be a foreign matter anymore. 7-Eleven Incorporation is a supermarket or department store brand, a kind of Alfamart and Indomaret. This company has been established since 1927 with the initial name Tote ‘. Then in 1946, the small shop began operating from 7 am to 11 pm, to the point that its name was changed to 7-Eleven. For joining 7-Eleven, the total investment needed is between 30 thousand to 1.5 million dollars. As of the end of 2012, 7-Eleven department stores stood in a total of 47,298 outlets.

Subway Franchising

Subway is a company that offers healthy culinary offerings and fresh, fast food substitutes. Founded by Fred DeLuca in 1965 under the name Pete ‘s Super Submarine, the company was later renamed Subway in 1974 when franchised by public use. Now the number of partner outlets reaches 38,965, and the investment funds needed are around 85,000-260,000 dollars.

Hampton Hotels Franchise

Founded in 1983, Hampton Hotels is a company that spends middle to upper classrooms. In 1984, Hampton Hotels worked on a business strategy by franchising its business for the public. Until now, Hampton Hotels has collaborated with more than 1,900 franchises in all the world. The total investment needed to join this franchise is 3.7 – 13.5 million dollars. Read Also: Step-Step in Making Fried Chicken Franchise Business

Supercuts Franchise

Supercut is a company that focuses on hairdressing (salon). One supercut was built in 1975 by Frank Emmett & Geoffrey Rappaport in Albany – California. After being franchised in 1979, Supercuts now partners with more than 1,200 franchisees with 2,301 outlets in all of America and Canada. The amount of investment needed is 100 thousand to 200 thousand US dollars.

In addition to these five franchises, a number of franchises that are also popular in Uncle Sam’s country are Anytime Fitness (fitness center business), Servpro (insurance and protection business) Denny’s Inc. (food delivery business), McDonald’s (fast food business), and Pizza Hut Inc. (pizza culinary business).

Updated for 2019: Currently there is a new type of business that popular in the US but within the form of online media. It’s online casino business, where franchisee also called agen sbobet terpercaya can have their website to promote the casino games. The franchisor will get a commission based on the franchise’s revenue. It became a trend due to the increasing market and low cost because no need substantial equity in the first place. However, all franchisee must have a license to open their website.

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