Step-Step in Making Fried Chicken Franchise Business

Who is not familiar with fried chicken dishes? Surely, all people have witnessed even eaten this one menu. If you look deeper, it turns out that fried chicken or fried chicken is used as a menu for fast food entrepreneurs. Besides, the fried chicken franchise is very popular with all people, besides the lower middle class where the market share is so large. With this opportunity, you can work on investments by developing a business and then making it a fried chicken franchise.

If at this time you have a fried chicken business, there is no harm if you start expanding your business with the technique of turning it into a fried chicken franchise business so that you can hold even greater profits. You also have to know that opening a fried chicken franchise is not as easy as returning a palm. Therefore creativity, perseverance, hard work, patience and of course capital are needed.

When you already have your own business and want to make it a fried chicken franchise business, you need to take some steps that you must do. The steps for creating a fried chicken franchise business to be successful include:

# Has a Characteristic

If you want your fried chicken franchise business to succeed, the first step that needs to be implemented is by creating a business with its characteristics. You need to do this to be used as a differentiator from other businesses. If often fried chicken is accompanied by bones that are still hard, you can make your fried chicken business soft and so on.

# Making Standard Operating Standards

You also need to do this second step so that your franchise business can overgrow. To create a standard operating standard is not difficult; all you need to do is first understand the process write it on paper. Now your default operating standard has been created even though it is still in the most straightforward format. Then pack the usual operating standard into a book format with the technique of asking for help from authors and compilers of the system.

# Registering with the Directorate General of IPR (Intellectual Property Rights)

Although the process is long and complicated, it must not be forgotten to register your franchise business with the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights. This is done to protect your property rights about your franchisee’s business brand, logo, and others.

# Creating easy and practical duplication techniques

If the duplication technique is comfortable and functional, the business can be developed. The method is to mention that other people can run this business quickly and precisely.

# Make dividends that grow

If you want a business to multiply, apply the concept of growing profits. Therefore, set each income target and try to achieve this target. If so, raise your income target in each period.

# Support management on an ongoing basis

Providing ongoing management support for the franchisees around the contract period is very necessary. Giving this support management so that your business can be bred again.

#Make a business prospectus

The form of a business prospectus is almost the same as a proposal. It’s just that in the business prospectus there are attachments regarding financial statements for a certain period that indicate that your company is progressing.

# The existence of a franchise agreement

Agreeing to run the business is very necessary so that one party does not feel that they are benefited or disadvantaged. Usually, the contents of the deal in the franchise business include its business work, the type of intellectual property rights that are franchised, how the ownership and evolution of ownership techniques and so on.

# Make the business a legal entity or business entity

Type of legal entity or business entity can be in the form of CV or PT. Thus, our business has been legally protected.

Well, that was the step by step to build your own fried chicken franchise business. If your company wants to succeed, then you also have to follow every action that has been delivered.

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