7 Effective Tips for Choosing a Franchise Business

Many are interested in starting a business, one of which is to start a franchise business, or better known as a franchise. The franchise business is quite popular because it already has a definite capital picture and a fairly good business reputation from the franchise business. So you don’t need to bother building a business from scratch. If not, you will need more time to plan a new business, from the business concept to calculating capital requirements and determining target consumers to introduce products to consumers.

Even so, starting a franchise business does not mean safe from the risk of loss. For that, before starting, it’s good if you know what needs to be considered when choosing a franchise business.

7 Effective Tips for Choosing a Franchise Business

# Select the Franchise Field that you like

Before choosing a franchise field, you should first identify your own interests, so you know the things you like. In addition, you can also choose the field of franchise according to your expertise. For example, you like to travel and eat cake. Well, you can select your favorite franchise cake shop that doesn’t exist in your area yet. That way, you won’t have any difficulties — even you will be very happy — to develop your business because what you are going to do is already in line with your interests.

# Choose Products or Services that are Needed by Many Consumers

Opening a business is not enough to only have capital. You also need to know the market needs to make it easier to determine the franchise business that you want to take. There are several promising business fields. First, you can take a franchise that can meet the immediate needs of the community, such as supermarkets or minimarkets, workshops, or pharmacies. Second, you can also glance at franchises whose business fields have the opportunity to be considered, even though there are a lot of competitors – such as clothing, food, and beverage stores.

# Don’t Easily Believe People’s Success Stories

On the official website and various promotional materials for your targeted franchise, success stories are highlighted. But, don’t swallow the success story. Because behind that, there must be a struggle full of challenges they go through. Consider all aspects carefully before choosing a franchise and do not rush to open many branches to anticipate changes in trends or market tastes.

# Choose a Franchise that Attracts Many People

Have you ever been willing to queue for a glass of milk tea with boba that is being hit in many countries? Or do you often order spicy macaroni through an online transportation application? Products like this – products that are trending at home and abroad – you can consider taking your franchise. However, don’t just choose a product. You also have to know how much the consumer desires for the item and whether the product has a great opportunity in a few years.

# Check the Background of Your Choice of Franchise

Before choosing a franchise, you need to make sure the company has a good reputation. Even if you like the product, don’t force yourself to choose a franchise with a bad reputation. It’s a good idea to research the franchise holders or ask the franchisor – the business owner who offers the franchise business. Because of business opportunities and long-term relationships, you will continue to be bound for a minimum of five years with the franchise. So choose carefully.

# Read the Cooperation Contract with Thorough

Read all the agreements listed in the contract without missing the little things that can harm you. Also, make sure what can lead to the termination of the agreement or end of the franchise. After that, pay attention to aspects related to the transfer of franchise ownership, heir rights, and the like. If you do not understand the contents of the contract, do not hesitate to ask for expert help, such as a notary or lawyer.

# Find a Strategic Location

The location you choose can affect your business return! Many new businesses have few customers because their location is difficult to reach. Please choose a location that is the center of the crowd so that it will be easily reached. Survey several places that are selected as the location of the franchise. After seeing the conditions of the place, you can also use social media to determine which location is the most strategic. Also, pay attention to rivals around the location. Make sure your business development opportunities are quite large in the area.

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Want to know where you can try it? Here it is, the complete list makes you.

Nona Judes

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Seeing the name, of course you know, what are the peculiarities of the rice bowl menus here? Yup, a portion of white rice with side dishes complete with fresh chili sauce priced from Rp. 30,000 to Rp. 35,000. You can choose whether you want it to be paired with chicken, Dori, squid, or lungs. The name is chili sauce, so you are free to choose the level of spiciness that matches your tastes from 1-5. Practical and delicious!

Ayam Jerit

Again, this modern culinary innovation comes from Titi Kamal’s outlet. There are three rice bowl menus with special side dishes that are ready for you to eat like green chili squid, cakalang scream, and chicken scream. A portion is priced at an affordable price, which is only Rp. 25,000. You can enjoy warm white rice with a side dish with a choice of colorful stir-fried vegetables and fresh cucumber that creates an increasingly beautiful appearance. The portions are just right and practical, suitable for lunch on the road.

Dapur Asix

This 24-hour open place is a direct hit because it has 18 rice bowls. Uniquely, the menus here bring home-cooked Indonesian specialties that really fit on the tongue. There was a lung lung, green chili tongue, jengkol balado, grandmother’s bitter melon, anchovy beans, and cake pete. In addition to rice and side dishes that are changed with the best recipe, in one serving bowl is also equipped with eggs, cucumber eyes, and chili sauce. About the price, of course, fits in the bag, which starts from Rp. 22,000 up to Rp. 35,000.

Rice Bowl ToeWans

The latest innovation from the familiar pepper rice shop is the rice bowl toe wans. The menu is also very diverse, ranging from baby fish chili green, green chili chicken, savory, spicy fried chicken skin, and stir-fried beef tongue. It looks so beautiful and delicious because each serving bowl is equipped with boiled eggs and a vegetable salad consisting of lettuce, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, and sweet corn thoroughly with mayonnaise.

Step-Step in Making Fried Chicken Franchise Business

Who is not familiar with fried chicken dishes? Surely, all people have witnessed even eaten this one menu. If you look deeper, it turns out that fried chicken or fried chicken is used as a menu for fast food entrepreneurs. Besides, the fried chicken franchise is very popular with all people, besides the lower middle class where the market share is so large. With this opportunity, you can work on investments by developing a business and then making it a fried chicken franchise.

If at this time you have a fried chicken business, there is no harm if you start expanding your business with the technique of turning it into a fried chicken franchise business so that you can hold even greater profits. You also have to know that opening a fried chicken franchise is not as easy as returning a palm. Therefore creativity, perseverance, hard work, patience and of course capital are needed.

When you already have your own business and want to make it a fried chicken franchise business, you need to take some steps that you must do. The steps for creating a fried chicken franchise business to be successful include:

# Has a Characteristic

If you want your fried chicken franchise business to succeed, the first step that needs to be implemented is by creating a business with its characteristics. You need to do this to be used as a differentiator from other businesses. If often fried chicken is accompanied by bones that are still hard, you can make your fried chicken business soft and so on.

# Making Standard Operating Standards

You also need to do this second step so that your franchise business can overgrow. To create a standard operating standard is not difficult; all you need to do is first understand the process write it on paper. Now your default operating standard has been created even though it is still in the most straightforward format. Then pack the usual operating standard into a book format with the technique of asking for help from authors and compilers of the system.

# Registering with the Directorate General of IPR (Intellectual Property Rights)

Although the process is long and complicated, it must not be forgotten to register your franchise business with the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights. This is done to protect your property rights about your franchisee’s business brand, logo, and others.

# Creating easy and practical duplication techniques

If the duplication technique is comfortable and functional, the business can be developed. The method is to mention that other people can run this business quickly and precisely.

# Make dividends that grow

If you want a business to multiply, apply the concept of growing profits. Therefore, set each income target and try to achieve this target. If so, raise your income target in each period.

# Support management on an ongoing basis

Providing ongoing management support for the franchisees around the contract period is very necessary. Giving this support management so that your business can be bred again.

#Make a business prospectus

The form of a business prospectus is almost the same as a proposal. It’s just that in the business prospectus there are attachments regarding financial statements for a certain period that indicate that your company is progressing.

# The existence of a franchise agreement

Agreeing to run the business is very necessary so that one party does not feel that they are benefited or disadvantaged. Usually, the contents of the deal in the franchise business include its business work, the type of intellectual property rights that are franchised, how the ownership and evolution of ownership techniques and so on.

# Make the business a legal entity or business entity

Type of legal entity or business entity can be in the form of CV or PT. Thus, our business has been legally protected.

Well, that was the step by step to build your own fried chicken franchise business. If your company wants to succeed, then you also have to follow every action that has been delivered.

This is The Secret of Bubble Drink Franchise Business Success

Start a Bubble Drink Franchise Business

If you are starting a bubble drink franchise business, you and I need to know the key to success so that the kitchen keeps on growing, friend. You need a strong determination to explore your income, so you don’t become a seasonal vendor, but you can continue. You can even breed in many locations. If the phobia doesn’t sell, the phobia can’t be friendly with the buyer, this and that phobia, it will be difficult yourself, friend.

Surely there is a successful secret behind all the best-selling bubble drink franchise business that has been running at this time. The real proof of their success is increasing the proliferation of similar vendors because they want to feel the same business.

Various types of bubble drink business began to emerge in the community like bubble tea beverage franchise, chatime and hop hop, bubble drink bubbles, and other differences. But so many brands have advantages and disadvantages to each.

Bubble Drink Franchise Business Tips

Consider many tips on bubble drink franchise businesses that you need to know as follows:

# The seller needs to be consistent

If you are determined to join in the bubble drink franchise business, then you must have tasted many times the bubble drink products in many stalls. From there you can feel how good it is, how sellers organize their merchandise, and how vendors serve their buyers.

Consistent is the initial commitment of each seller. Just imagine if the seller is not consistent. For example, today the goods sell well. Fortunately, shopping was immediately created. The next day customers are disappointed because you are blocking stalls. Of course, this is an inappropriate example. Consistent includes the techniques we maintain taste, product quality, etc.

# Service to Buyers

Then for service, try to see that every vendor who has not a few buyers are often initiated with excellent service for each buyer right? Of course, yes! The buyer is king, friend. Buyers who bring sustenance for you, then friendly and full of the smile is the key.

Services also include serving bubble drink products. How to present, give toping to make it look funny, and so many kinds of merchandise creations. To explore improving the quality of creations, you can look for references to how bubble drink vendors have succeeded before.

For example, you can see how all the best-selling franchise businesses in bubble drink Bandung, Jakarta and Surabaya have already plunged into this world.

# Selling price

The next point is about the selling price of serving bubble drinks. Every vendor wants to profit, right? To benefit, you need tricks, friend. You can instill a paradigm so that the business continues to deliver the best for bubble drink creations.

You can add toppings with fruit, chocolate, and so on. You also can combine so many flavors without boosting the most distant prices. Just aside Rp. 500.00 for an increase in toping, exciting right? Good luck, happy buyers!

# Discipline in All Things

The seller is one of the entrepreneurial jobs that is not shackled by time. But even so, discipline must be possessed by each seller. A seller who is lazy to cook wants a diligent buyer to come? It’s surprising, friend. Surely the struggle will be directly proportional to your efforts.

Discipline is also related to arranging all kinds of affairs, for example, calculating profits. Make sure we have a daily list of results of expenditure and income so you can calculate how much the average income per month.

From the start, map the needs of why we sell this bubble drink. Is the reason for being daily income, additional income while studying or working, or being a home vendor. So you can discipline yourself to try. Are you ready to succeed with the beverage business? Because a lot of theorems why do you have to start this bubble drink beverage franchise business?

9 Common Mistakes in a Franchise Business

Franchise business or franchise is a business that interests not a few people, especially beginners who want to learn business. Why is it that the target of this business on average is beginners? One reason is that it is easy to operate, not only that, even this type of business is more comfortable to promote because on average there are not a few people who hear it.

In general, perhaps this franchise business seems easy. A beginner in this field of business needs to assess, which franchise will be chosen, then start working on investment for the business, and wait for the profits to come to him. As a beginner who wants to try a Franchise business, of course you have to be careful when you have to work on investment in this type of business, after all, if the funds for the financing come from loan funds or joint funds that in the future will have greater responsibility because they have to be replaced.

If it happens like that, surely you should be more careful in investing money for this franchise business because not a few of all beginners invest all of their money in the franchise business, but soon suffer losses. This happened because the beginner who picked up this decision too quickly picked up the resolution, and did not have time to take into account the worst risks that can occur when suddenly the franchise business must lose money.

Not only that, there are still not a few mistakes that are often carried out by all franchise businesses. For something similar to not happen to you, this is these nine mistakes in running a franchise business that should be avoided:

# Borrowing Money Without Thinking of Possible Profit and Loss Business

Sometimes in running a franchise business, it requires a large amount of money for the growth of its business. Franchise business owners do not all have large amounts of funds in their pockets. Most of them will borrow funds from certain parties or financial institutions. But, what is feared is, when there is a jumbo loan of funds from other parties, it turns out that the Franchise business that is run feels a loss. Of course, this business will be a big problem as the owner of this business.

# Incorrectly Choosing a Business Partner

The next mistake that is often carried out by Franchisors or franchise business people is that they are not right in choosing business partners. We recommend that we want a business partner who has empirical knowledge in the same field, or it is terrible for your business partner to understand the franchise business that is being run, this is the risk. So that when something goes wrong, the partner can help solve our problem, not just add difficulties in a business that is run, or even leave us when there are issues in the business being run.

# Too Soon to Open a New Franchise Branch

This will be very exciting for Franchise business owners, that is, when finally, a similar Franchise business opens branches again in other regions or locations. Usually, the size of a successful franchise business can be assessed by increasing new branches in specific situations.

But you should not be wrong, and if the owner and management of this franchise business are not ready for the growth of a new branch, this business might cause harm to him. With more and less new offices being opened, regular control by the owner must not be infrequently done. It’s best to adjust to your skills and management, before opening a new franchise branch.

# Not Enough Franchise Business Experience

This is also very urgent in starting a business franchise. You should not ask a bit of a mentor, or someone who first runs this kind of business and success and success. The lack of empirical issues related to this business can also create this bland business, and perhaps it cannot last long. Take practice from all mentors, and often they will give the best input to run.

# Providing HR and SOP Training that is not yet mature

As the owner of a Franchise business, we try to deliver quite often HR training and SOP to all employees. But, it must not be wrong, not only employees who need practice, but you also need to not learn a little about HR and SOP. This is necessary so that you can submit training in times that are quite often for employees.

# Offering Unproven Concepts

Sometimes, after this franchise business is run by people who are chosen to run it, then this type of business will last quite a long time, even wanting to be stable every year. We recommend that as owners, we also should not concentrate too much on developing a franchise business, but also concentrate on companies that have been created before. Don’t offer a new and unproven concept, and only interferes with the concentration of different businesses that are running.

# Does not have Operational Fund Support

Franchise businesses do not have sizeable operational funding support. Funds owned by the owner Franchise are often in the form of funds from investors. The rest of the money obtained is funds from some franchisees who participated in opening the franchise business. The mistake that occurred was that there was no reserve of private funds that should be owned by the owner of a franchise, for operational work.

# Less Effective Communication between Franchisors and Franchisees

The relationship between the Franchisor as the owner of the Franchise business and even partners who run similar transactions should be able to run it well. Indeed, sometimes there are also situations where one partner has a distant place with the Franchisor, which creates limited communication. Because of the activities of each party, to the extent that they did not have time to submit information about the development of the franchise business being run.

# Doesn’t Have a Support System in Each Region

The support system here is the same as managers in each franchise branch in each region. When between branches have problems and constraints, surely they need help from managers who can help solve problems that occur between the franchise branches. Do not let the cause of this lack of support, not a few chapters of the Franchise will finally conclude the partnership is on the way because they did not get help.

Learn More in our Business

A franchise business that seems effortless; it turns out can contain risks when errors occur due to many factors above. We recommend that we learn correctly about managing this business if you are a franchise businessman. For you beginners who want to start a business with a franchise system, you can also learn from our seasoned mentors in this field. It is essential to do this to avoid mistakes that are as pronounced above.